BBC School Reports 2014

BBC School Reports 2014

On the 27th of March the following pupils took part in BBC School Report 2014. They researched, scripted, filmed and presented the news of the day. The day was a great success and the pupils learnt a lot about the craft and effort required to produce good journalism! The pupils involved were: Zachary Brown, Amalia Cretu, Sumeen Kaur, Jeehan Osama-Mohammed, Arvin Rana, Anuj Sharma,Tanya Gupta, Prasoon Gupta, Devan Makwana, Rhea Parkash, Nayan Patel, Elina Bhui, Junaid Ahmed, Dua Ehsan, James Croucher, Luke Cryan, Mahek Bhatti, Trishna Banerjee, Arran Rihal and Naheed Tayab.

Click here to view the final report from 27th March.

Recently 3 Year 8 students (Rhea, Junaid and Luke) went on a trip to Artem Studios as part of the BBC News School Report. They produced a feature news report on piracy and the film industry. The final report is brilliant and is up on the BBC website. Click here to view.

The images below show students from Lampton School practicing researching, writing and reporting the news of the day in preparation for BBC School Report on the 27th March. They were very professional and produced some fantastic results!

BBC School Report Practice

BBC School Report practice

In the meantime, take a look at what our students produced last year. Click here for the link to the 2013 BBC News Report Day

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