Cricket Success Year 9/10 Team

The Lampton Year 9/10 Cricket Juggernaut rolls on!!

Match 3 vs Chiswick and the Borough title is within our grasp as the boys bowled well and batted adequately enough to record another 7 wicket win. Scorecards below show that apart from a stand of 27 by one of the Chiswick players it could have been all over inside 6 overs, especially after the first ball was hit straight back at the bowler to dismiss the opening bat. Minimal resistance from the rest of the Chiswick 10 and some fairly relaxed bowling ended up with the score of 78 of which 38 were extras, (wides and no balls count for 2 runs).

Lampton up next and Mahesh and Kavir looked settled into their batting stride and with some fairly average bowling from Chiswick we were 24 from the first 2 overs. By his own admission Kavir

‘got bored as it was well hot innit’

and went for a big one but edged it high to the fielder at cover when were on 53. Mahesh went next with a lazy run out from the best bit of fielding shown by Chiswick all afternoon and gave a John McEnroe esq

‘are you serious’

to the umpire when he gave him the finger!!

Mihir came in determined not to go out first ball and did well to last 9 scoring 6 before giving his middle stump away which left us with Nikhil (the powerhouse) Vadhera and Shivam (not sure which stumps to throw it to so the middle of the wicket will do) Patel to get the 1 run needed for victory from the 6 overs left.

1st ball to Nikhil – swing and a miss.
New bowler 2nd ball to Shivam – well watched and left, or a swing and a miss, not sure which.
3rd ball to Shivam – BOOOM here it is! The only 6 of the game and what a way to finish to match and we end up on 84.

Next up Isleworth and depending on the result of the Isleworth / Heathlands game the title could already be in the bag with 1 game spare.

Keep on rolling!

See below for the Match Stats.

Year 9 Cricket Stats part 1
Year 9 Cricket Stats part 2

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