Engineering Education Scheme

Engineering Education Scheme

Year 12 Physics students take part in the Engineering Education Scheme

Report from Namrata and Karow (Year 12).

We went to University of Surrey as part of the Engineering Education Scheme. Michael Fox, the organiser, showed us a presentation. There were about 5 or 6 groups there including us, all from different schools. Each group was assigned to a mentor who was from a different company. We were assigned a mentor from BP (he engineers for an oil platform somewhere near Africa), who needed some help with BP’s oil rigs that they had in seas that were used to collect oil from the sea bed. We had to pick one of five assignments to focus on for 6 months. The assignment we decided on was to make a source of power for a rig just in case it ran out of power, like a renewable energy source perhaps. Our group will meet up at least once a week to discuss ideas. We have 6 months to do the model and we present it to a panel of judges at the end of it.

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