House of Lords visit for launch of new RS Quality Mark

House of Lords visit for launch of new RS Quality Mark

On Monday 15th July, two members of staff and two students attended the launch of the new RS Quality Mark at the House of Lords.

Vikram and William described how the school community is very varied with many people from different cultures and backgrounds. Students enjoy studying controversial issues in RS and participating in class debates.

“The good thing about our school is that nobody laughs at each other’s points. Everybody feels confident to contribute to the debate.”

They enjoy finding out about different religious beliefs and practices. Willam and Vikram explained that despite being the smallest department, RS was the most successful in terms of its GCSE results and describe how RS helps you develop many skills including textual study, philosophical thinking, social understanding and skills of analysis. Whereas in other subjects students might only develop single skills, the students feel that in RS, it encourages the student to use all the skills and techniques learned.

“I like this because it’s more than just a subject. It’s a whole new way of thinking and can be applied outside of lessons.”

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