Lampton Buries Time Capsule

Lampton Buries Time Capsule

On Tuesday, 18th December, 2012, Lampton School buried a variety of items in a Time Capsule. The aim of the time capsule and ceremony was to capture some of our great memories of being part of London 2012.

Contents include some London 2012 memorabilia donated by Mike Power OBE; a pen, sticker and some Olympic pins from the bid as well as from the actual games. A copy of the Olympic Dreamers Poetry Anthology – poetry written by students inspired by the Olympic Pursuit days in July 2011 in celebration of London 2012. An inspiring Get Set letter from Olympians Mo Farrah and Ellie Simmonds and an Olympic 50p piece as well as the programme of events and students speeches. Other items included the front page of a paper, a school tie and the school prospectus as well as a letter from the Headteacher.

The capsule was buried by Mike Power and Kelly Edwards, Team GB Judo Olympian in the presence of Dame Susan John, Head Teacher. Mike attended Spring Grove Grammar School from 1959-66. He was the Chief Operating Officer, London 2012 (2003-5) and LOCOG (2005-8). LOCOG is the London Organising Committee of the Games.

The capsule should remain buried until 12th March 2033, a period of 20 years and 12 weeks. Around 30 students attended who either went to the games on an organised trip, are regular members of the judo club or contributed to the poetry anthology

A couple of quotes from the day, firstly from Kelly Edwards:

“It’s fantastic to meet a group of young people so excited by less mainstream sports like Judo – and a pleasure to help them progress and inspire them to get involved to make sure as a nation we are more successful at Rio in 2016 and Beyond”

Secondly from Mike Power:

“Two things struck me about the school. Firstly, how it has expanded but is still recognisable from the day it opened in 1959. Secondly, I was incredibly impressed by the engagement and passion that the students show in their work and, in particular, their Olympic projects. It is no wonder the school continues to deliver great results across so many dimensions”

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