Year 10 Cricket

Year 10 Cricket

Year 10 Cricket Update….

Having proven themselves on home turf, Year 10 travelled to Rivers Academy on Wednesday 26th June for their first away fixture. We headed west in search of sun and glory……

Rivers elected to bowl first and their pace bowler removed Som’s middle stump on the second ball leaving a worried look on the face of a coach who had instructed the batsmen to play slow for the first 4 overs. Adeel came in and steadied the ship, making some nice singles and a couple of boundaries with Harjeevan on their way to 25 runs from 3 overs. Harjeevan then lofted a cheeky one into extra cover which was expertly taken low down by a back peddling fielder. Unlucky.

David and Adeel saw out the following 9 overs. After a few maidens to get themselves in, they made a 60 partnership in a superb display of controlled batting and communication. Both of them were finally caught and bowled in quick succession from a couple of good slower deliveries, leaving our numbers 5, 6, 7 and 8 batsmen to face the last few balls, losing two wickets and gaining no runs!

Lampton were 78 for 6 after their 16 overs.

Coach Solman had devoted training time recently to bowling practice in an attempt to reduce the number of extras given for wides. Lampton conceded only one wide in the match as a result. Some excellent coaching it seemed, and some excellent bowling as a result!

Adeel took an early wicket as Kevin took a superb catch off a slower ball. Our batting was first class, and our bowling was of a similar standard so far.

Unfortunately, Rivers had one player who carefully watched the straight balls, and tonked anything outside off stump for a boundary. Harjeevan was producing some sublime spin deliveries which the opposition had to watch carefully. A short boundary at third man meant that a few balls were edged for four and Rivers were well on their way with the run chase.

A sledging battle then ensued between Adeel and their number one batsman. Adeel was going to “get him”. He was definitely “gone next ball”. The reply was a 6. And another. And another. The sledging became one way traffic after a short while, and with the scores level after only 7.1 overs and the one man army on a half century, Lampton had to concede defeat as they watched a 5th maximum sail over their heads into the weeds.

Lampton played their best game yet. But they were properly beaten.

Team vs Rivers:

Harjeevan Gill
Som Jnagal
Adeel Doshi
David De Oliveira
Sumeet Gabrie
Gaurav Vashisht
Qutaiba Nuaymi
Abdallah Ibrahim
Kevin Lam
Amar Ramchandani


Year 10 played Chiswick in Lampton Park yesterday afternoon, on what was arguably the windiest day of the year. A wind which seemingly assisted our bowling….

Chiswick won the toss and elected to bat first. Their opening pair looked fierce, and started scoring runs quickly. A delightful slower ball from Harjeevan yielded our first wicket as their batsman played onto the stumps. A second wicket soon followed as Adeel was asking Heathrow air traffic control for a landing slot for middle stump.

Chiswick’s number one batsmen was still at the crease however, and a dropped catch in the next over saw him safely make his way to 18 runs. He played on from another Harjeevan slow ball in the next over however, and another dismissal in the same over left Chiswick with a hill to climb. Their lower order were dispatched with authority, with Kevin Lam making two maidens from his 12 balls, and Amar Ramchandani taking two wickets in what was the last over of the innings to leave Chiswick all out for 57.

Lampton only hit two boundaries in their last game, so how do you chase down 57 with no firepower?
You let the fielding team score all the runs for you! Their wicketkeeper let 16 runs go in byes.
We were still struggling with the bat however, and after 4 overs we had lost four wickets for only 5 runs.

Chiswick piled on the pressure and changed wicketkeeper. Up stepped their second wicketkeeper Katie. She didn’t let a single ball through behind the wicket, asking big questions of a Lampton side who until now had not looked comfortable holding a bat. She then removed the pads after she had stopped Chiswick leaking runs and bowled one over, taking one wicket in the process. This prompted the discussion that maybe the boys should stick to what they do best (getting CDS), and draft in some female players who might show more discipline on and off the field.

Raj ‘Jiggy’ Wassan and Abdullah Ibrahim steadied the ship and made some nice singles as Chiswick struggled to finish us off. Raj made a highest score of six runs before he was dismissed, but Chiswick’s fielding let them down at the death, as Gaurav Vashisht joined the scorecard with two singles and an overthrow which went to the boundary. He equalled our best batting performance with 6 runs, and the game was done.

Lampton won by 3 wickets.

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