Filming India with the BBC

Filming India with the BBC


Exploration India!

What did you do during your Christmas holiday? Open presents? Eat chocolate? Visit friends and family?  Have a good lie in? For 3 year 9 students -Amalia, Dua and Nayan – there was no such rest and recuperation.  They were in India filming a documentary with Evans Woolfe Media for BBC Learning.  The first call time was 5:30pm on a very cold evening at the end of December to embark on the 13 hour journey to Patna, the capital of Bihar, where the filming began.  Little did they know that the next 11 days would be filled with maps, dolphins, farms and schools – electric cars, sky scrapers and slums – tea sellers, app designers and an inspirational school – Shanti Bhavan (  Eleven days of filming later, the final call was at 4:30am to get in a taxi to Bengaluru airport to begin the journey home.

Students’ Reactions


We were very lucky to attend this wonderful trip and it was an amazing experience traveling around the cities of India and meeting students, farmers, and many more other people. This trip has opened my personal view about India and other developing countries. This definitely was not a holiday; it was hard but fun work which we all enjoyed.   In the end we survived!  Nayan


Amalia’s We were lucky enough to travel to India during the Christmas holidays to film an amazing documentary about an amazing country. However, getting there wasn’t as amazing. After flying over 7000km to arrive Delhi (that’s 9 hours stuck on a plane!) and then getting on an internal flight to Patna (another 2 hours) we were all shattered. This was just one of the many trips we had to undergo!



Exploring India was one of the most amazing, inspirational experiences I have ever done in my life. I would have never believed that I would get the opportunity to experience such phenomenal things. Going to India opened my eyes to many things which changed me as a person because we had seen and met wonderful people who inspired me to see life differently. Although at times things seemed tough it was all worth it in the end and I wouldn’t change it for a thing. Dua

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