BBC School Report 2018


Twenty-one students from Year 8 took part in the BBC School Report News Day 2018. Our intrepid reporters chose a range of stories from local, national and international as well as technology, sports and entertainment. They worked tirelessly all morning creating, editing and rehearsing their reports.

Please click on the links below to see their amazing report and feature. 

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The following students should be commended for their efforts:

Aleena , Mariam, Sanele, Asees, Tanvir, Karan, Tanishaa , Dhru , Nadia, Alliyah, Bansee, Hope, Kulraaj, Aleena, Shaan, Karan, Yasha, Calum, Marley, Sunia, Badar

Thanks Alex for your amazing editing skills too



Lampton have made the news again!

We hope you enjoy this year’s report as much as we enjoyed making it. Lampton’s BBC School Reporters have been working hard to write, edit and produce fun and interesting news stories.

They have also created feature reports on ‘Trends in school’ and ‘Lampton’s Sixth form success’, showcasing their communication and editorial skills. See you in 2018!

The students participating this year are: Chantelle, Niluk, Salina, Ruwayda, Baseera, Senuth, Azza, Zohaib, Arjun, Avaneesh, Hur, Amrit, Kaiya,  Amaan, Eashar, Bartek, Jonathan, Aliza, Cate, Sanuth

  1. BBC School Report News – Live at Lampton

  1. BBC Feature on Lampton’s Sixth Form success

  1. BBC Feature on the latest trends



Lampton’s BBC School Report   – CLICK THESE FILES TO WATCH THE 2016 REPORT and features

BBC School Report Feature – Body Image

BBC School Report Feature – Social Media


School rep

On 19 March 2015 Lampton students made the news as they took part in the BBC School Report day.   Below you’ll find the links to our Lampton News Report and Lampton Feature Reports produced by our very talented students, Vaaruni, Talia, Nadia, Manpreet, Habsa, Muhsin, Srikeerthi, Mehreen, Okasha, Rohan, Muskan, Yahya, Joshua, Shambhavi, Freddie, Jake, Ritika and Oumar.

Click here for the Lampton News Report 2015

Click here for the Lampton Feature Reports 2015

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