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Title Forename Surname Governor Type Start Date End Date
Dr Parvinder Singh Garcha LA 19.11.2015 18.11.2019
Ms Rubena Mir Co-opted 19.11.2015 18.11.2019
Mr Edward Locke Co-opted 01.09.2014 31.08.2018
Ms  Natasha  Woolman Trust Governor  19.02.2018  18.02.2022
Mrs Elizabeth Ellis Parent 24.11.2014 23.11.2018
Mr Glen Grace Parent 24.11.2014 23.11.2018
Mrs Dee Scott Parent 24.11.2014 23.11.2018
Mr Harjinder Chaudhry Parent 24.11.2014 23.11.2018
Mr Sharan Bangar Parent 15.12.2015 14.12.2019
Mr Steve Davis Headteacher 01.09.2015  
Mrs Moira Stuart Trust – Chair 10.08.2014 10.08.2018
Mr Raghav Gupta-Chaudhary Trust 07.11.2014 06.11.2018
Mrs Birna Helgadottir Trust 10.10.2014 09.10.2018
Ms Ruth Williams Trust 19.01.2017 18.01.2021
Mr   Thomas   Samuel Trust   22.06.17 21.06.2022


RGC profile photo     scott      E Locke    G Grace

R Gupta-Chaudhary                 D Scott                       E Locke                            G Grace

   birna   ruth  Harjinder Chaudhry

R Mir                                   B Helgadottir            R Williams                             H Chaudhry

Lampton_headmaster_portraits_30881  Sharan Bangar  DSC_0540 Moira_3565

S Davis                           S Bangar                    E Ellis                            M Stuart


              T Samuel                    N Woolman


Lampton School Governing Body – FAQs

What are “governors”?

Governors have collective responsibility for the governance of the school – as you might say, the buck stops with us. In an Academy, like Lampton, they are also directors, registered at Companies House.

Who are the governors at Lampton School?

There are currently 14 governors at Lampton School. You will find a full list elsewhere in the Governing Body section of the website. They are made up of elected parents and staff, the headteacher, governors appointed by the Academy Trust and co-opted governors.

What is the Academy Trust?

There are three members of Lampton School Academy Trust which is a charitable company responsible for the running of the academy and has control over the land and other assets. Although it has an official role in running the academy such as submitting an Annual Report and Accounts to Companies House and holding an Annual General Meeting, it delegates most matters of governance to directors – also called governors. For more information, see the Articles on the Statutory Documents page.

What do the governors do?

Together with the headteacher they are responsible for making sure our school provides a good quality education for pupils and continuous professional development of staff.


·         appoint the headteacher

·         make decisions together on matters such as performance, targets, school policies and school development plans

·         monitor the impact of policies and oversee school budgets and staffing

·         provide challenge and support for the headteacher, drawing on their knowledge and experience

·         hear appeals from pupils and staff and consider complaints

·         ask searching questions whilst respecting the position of the headteacher as the professional leader of our school

·         help our school to celebrate its success and learn how it can continuously improve.


What don’t they do?

Governors do not get involved in the day to day running of the school. They avoid discussing any individuals whether students, staff or parents and do not act as individuals unless authorised to do so.

Do they need special qualifications?

No, although the governing body makes sure it has a balance of necessary skills and, as far as possible, reflects the profile of the school and local community. This is sometimes called the stakeholder model of governance.

Do governors attend training?

Yes. We have a programme of induction for new governors who are allocated a buddy/mentor. A range of governor training programmes, including courses for new governors, is available at the London Borough of Hounslow to which we subscribe. In addition, we hold an annual team training event and other ad hoc training sessions as required.

How long do governors serve?

Apart from the headteacher who is appointed “ex officio” (by right of office), all governors serve a 4 year term. Governors can serve more than one term if they are re-elected or re-appointed.

How much commitment does being a governor involve?

At least four 2 to 2½ hour meetings a year; an annual training event; joining at least one committee, meeting termly; undertaking personal training from time to time; reading papers before meetings; volunteering to take on an individual role e.g. health and safety governor; keeping up to date with education policy and new initiatives.

What committees are there?

Our committees are structured in order to best support and deliver improvements to the school. There are three committees:


  • Human resources committee
  • Finance committee
  • Standards committee


When do meetings take place?

Governing Body meetings take place at least termly at 6pm. Termly committee meetings are at 6pm. Governors keep in close touch with the school in between meetings by attending events and receiving updates from the chair who meets weekly with the headteacher, joined by other individual governors from time to time. Each term, the headteacher, Chair and Vice Chair of Governors together with the Chairs of the sub committees meet for a half – day strategy meeting.

Can I read the minutes of governors’ meetings?

Yes. Once they have been approved as accurate, they are posted on the website, except any confidential items.

Are there any safeguarding requirements for governors?

Yes. It is a requirement that all governors at Academies are checked by the by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) in the same way that anyone working with children and young people is checked.

How do I contact the governing body?

We welcome your feedback. You can email,uk putting FAO Chair of Governors in the subject box or leave a note or letter at school reception. If you have a concern or a complaint, please raise it with the school first as per the Complaints Policy found elsewhere on this website. Any questions regarding your child’s education are, in the first instance, best answered by an appropriate member of staff – usually his or her Form Tutor or Head of Year.

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