Headline Data

Achievement 2017

Lampton School: Headline Data

 Pending the arrival of ASP, the data presented below is based on the DfE performance tables (DfE12.10.17). 

  • Progress 8 for 2017 is + 0. 47 which is at the top end of above average.
  • Attainment 8 score is 50.2 which is above NA 44.2
  • Students attaining English and maths and grade 4+ and grade 5+ are both well above NA: 68% (NA 63%) and 48% (NA 39%) respectively.
  • Students achieving the EBAC at Grade 4 or above and at grade 5 or above are both well above the national average : 33% (NA 23.5%); and 29% (NA 19.5%)respectively.



  • percentage of pupils who achieved a C or above in GCSEs (or equivalent) in 5 or more

subjects, including English and maths – 61%

  • percentage of pupils who achieved the English Baccalaureate 38%
  • percentage of pupils who have achieved at least the minimum expected levels of progress

in English (84%) and maths (65%) between KS2 and KS4


AS and A2

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