Monitoring and Evaluating the Lampton School

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Lampton School was judged to be ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted during their last three visits, most recently in 2013.

We were also featured in the 2009 Ofsted publication, ‘12 outstanding schools: excelling against the odds

As an ‘outstanding’ school, Lampton may not have another full Ofsted inspection in the near future, as long as it maintains high levels of attainment and progress for its students.It is important, therefore, that we continue with our own systems for continuous monitoring and evaluation. This takes different forms: external reviews, internal reviews, and Challenge Partner review. The reviews work in a cycle that ensures all areas are reviewed annually either externally or internally.

External reviews
All departments are subject to an external review every two years, conducted by Ofsted trained reviewers who are specialist in the subject area. Being external to the school, they are able to provide an objective evaluation of the standards within subject area, and they comment specifically on standards of achievement, quality of teaching and learning, leadership and management, and students’ behaviour for learning. The review consists of lesson observations of all teaching staff within the subject area; sampling of student work; interviews with students, and a scrutiny of the departmental self-evaluation and improvement plan.

Internal reviews
Departments are reviewed internally on a two yearly cycle and this review is conducted by members of the senior leadership team who have received training from Ofsted inspectors. Subject leaders agree a focus with the senior leadership reviewers based on areas arising from their improvement plan and they will conduct joint observations with the reviewers, to help develop their own capacity to monitor teaching and learning.

Challenge Partner Review
As part of Challenge Partners (a national association of over 100 schools), the school is reviewed annually by a trained team of senior leaders from other Challenge Partner schools who are led by a trained Ofsted inspector. There is a focus on teaching and learning with a sample of lessons from across most school subjects and all key stages. In addition, the school puts forward ‘areas of excellence’ whose practice it would like to share with other schools. Part of the purpose of the review is to quality assure these areas through more extensive observation. The review focuses on attainment and progress, quality of teaching, school improvement, and working in partnership.We received our Challenge Partnership review in 2012 which found that
– the school continued to be outstanding in all 4 areas – using the new Ofsted schedule
– the school’s own judgement that MFL and Inclusion were outstanding was verified
– the judgement by the school staff about the quality of teaching was accurate. The school has estimated that about 30% of lessons observed are outstanding and a further 62% or more at least good – many with outstanding features.

Please click here for the Ofsted report 2013.

Ofsted subject inspections
Although Lampton is not likely to have a full inspection in the near future, it is possible that it could have a subject inspection or a themed inspection. History had such an inspection in January 2011 where it was judged to be outstanding. See report attached.