Staff -v- Sixth Form Football Match

Staff -v- Sixth Form Football Match

The pitch was set, the teams were strong, the crowd was raucous. The ticca tacca play in the first half proved vital as the staff put their stamp on what looked to be a close game. There were some quality crosses which the staff failed to capitalise on and should have taken the lead. Meanwhile the sixth form had only a couple of breaks which ended up being mopped up by the solid defence of ‘Williamson, Drew and Mulally’.

First Half 0 -0

Second half started in the same vein and the midfield dynamism of Quinn, Timmins and Edwards ruled the centre of the pitch while Smale made some important runs and breaks upfront. Then the penalty came. Man of the match Quinn, made a snaking run through the defence, lifted the ball and the defence could only handle the ball giving the ref no decision. The penalty was superbly slotted away by Quinn and the teachers led 1 -0

The final 5 minutes staff were backs against the wall as the sixth form came wave after wave. Barry had to keep the staff in the game on a couple of occasions whilst the arrival of Day and Truman strengthened up the defence and gave the attack more flair and structure.

Final score

Staff 1 – Sixth Form 0

Thank you to all those staff and students who came out to support the game

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